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The Comprehensive Dental Payment Plan 


Denplan Care allows our patients to budget for all their routine preventive and restorative treatment. It covers their annual dental check ups, scale and polishes, any necessary x-rays, any fillings and root treatments required, and any veneers, crowns, bridges and dentures that need to be replaced for clinical needs. Your dentist will assess your oral health requirements and place you in 1 of 5 categories depending on your oral health needs.


The monthly fee is set depending on your oral health needs and allows you to budget on a monthly basis for dental treatment. The only additional costs incurred would be to cover any lab costs for your treatment (if your treatment involves sending work out to a third party).


Costs start from £23.50 per month for individuals with a minimally restored dentition, to £59.95 per month for individuals with a heavily restored dentition including multiple crowns, bridgework etc. 

Denplan Care: Service
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