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The NHS covers all or part of the cost for specific dental treatments.  The treatments available on the NHS are geared towards ensuring the individual has a functional, disease free dentition.

If our patients wish to upgrade some of their treatments to private alternatives, eg tooth coloured instead of silver amalgam fillings then they have this option.

We will always explain to our patients what treatment is required and what their options are including costings and allow them to decide what best suits their needs.

We are currently registering NHS dental patients.  A dental check up is free on the NHS.  Patients receiving appropriate exemptions do not pay for dental services covered by the NHS.  Patients not in receipt of these exemptions are required to pay 80% of the costs. individuals under the age of 25 are also exempt from charges for treatment covered by the health service.

The button below details the treatments available on the health service and cost.

Facial Aesthetics: Our Services
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