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To Botox or Not Botox - That Is The Question

There's still a number of people out there who are very sceptical of the benefits of anti wrinkle injections. I think that's pretty understandable given the photos of botched treatment so readily available on social media and other sites. The main concerns seem to be that people are concerned that they would look 'fake' and somewhat 'alien' after treatment with a frozen face incapable of making facial expressions. The treatment was never meant to make people look like a comedy version of themselves but instead to give them a personal boost, a better version of themselves so to speak. We live in a very image conscious society, whether this is right or wrong. The anti wrinkle injections and other facial aesthetics treatments available are best treated as a personal boost to yourself, to give you a bit of added confidence to face the day. These photos were taken by one of my patients who had anti wrinkle injections to manage a prominent vertical frown line between her eyebrows. Its useful to see the gradual difference over the 10 days from the treatment date. To maintain the results the procedure needs to be repeated every 4-6 months so comes with a certain commitment to upkeep if you wish to maintain the effect but the results are pretty instant and the difference undeniable. The treatment didn't give her a frozen face but did soften a rather prominent line she was otherwise very self conscious about. A pretty good result I think

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