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A Garage Forecourt? We'd be so lucky

Despite opening in December 2015, many people, even those local to the area are at odds finding us for the first time. We are aware that signage to the clinic is woefully inadequate but this is genuinely not for want of trying. I have tried arguing, begging, coercing, threatening, you name it, to the landlords to allow me to put a visible sign up informing potential patients that we're here and have been told on numerous occasions 'no' for fear of making the business centre look like a 'garage forecourt'. I have contacted Scottish Enterprise who own the land immediately outside the business park and again have been told no, no sign. I have contacted Falkirk Council and asked if there is any possibility that I could put a sign up at the round about in front of the business parks grounds and am still waiting for a clear answer. It seems like utter madness to me that as a business I am unable to advertise my whereabouts so for anyone in any doubt, this is what we look like from outside :)

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