A crown is a tooth shaped 'cap' that is placed over a tooth, to cover the tooth to restore its shape and size, strength, and improve its appearance. When cemented into place a crown fully encases the entire visible portion of the tooth that lies at and above the gum line.

Crowns are made from a variety of different materials, most commonly

  • Porcelain bonded to metal

  • Porcelain

  • All ceramic

Porcelain Bonded to Metal Crowns

Porcelain bonded crowns are made from a precious metal base which is then covered in layers of tooth coloured porcelain. This gives the crown both strength and aesthetic properties. These are most commonly used on posterior teeth

Metal Free Porcelain Crowns

These crowns are made entirely out of porcelain and are not as strong as bonded crowns but can look very natural and are most often used for their superior cosmetic qualities on front teeth.

All Ceramic Crowns

This modern technique offers a metal free alternative, which can give the strength of a bonded crown and the appearance of a porcelain crown. They are suitable for all areas of the mouth.

Prices range from £300 to £600 per unit

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